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Two Harbors, Catalina

Two Harbors, colloquially known as "The Isthmus", is a small unincorporated island village on Santa Catalina Island, California with a population of 298 (Census of 2000). It is the second center of population on the island, besides the city of Avalon. It is mainly a resort village. It has only one restaurant, one hotel, and one general store. The village has about 150 permanent residents that live on the isthmus year-round.

Isthmus Cove (aka Banning Harbor)

Catalina (or Cat) Harbor

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Port of Los Angeles

Vincent Thomas Bridge-Third longest suspension bridge in California.

SS. Lane Victory-Fully operational victory ship of World War II and National Historic Landmark.

Port of Los Angeles-Busiest port in the United States by container volume, the 16th busiest container port in the world and the 6th busiest internationally when combined with the neighboring Port of Long Beach.

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Five Guys on Foil


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Ladies and gentleman, I would like to conclude my blogging session on Costa Rica with this last post about my favorite part of CR...the locals.  I've never met more friendly, genuine and open hearted people on a vacation.  Ticos have a spirit of kindness and love which resonates in their delicious cuisine, gorgeous well-kept country and humble traditions.  Ticos have a saying 'Pura Vida' which means 'Full of Life'.  It can also be used as a greeting or farewell, to express satisfaction, or even used as a thank you.  But really I've learned through my vacation that this phase perfectly describes their culture...which is a motto of living life slowly, enjoying good fortune and building a strong community.  PURA VIDA!

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Manuel Antonio National Park

So much better than caged animals at a zoo.

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